Officials say there may be sewage in Florence floodwaters

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Sunday, September 16, 2018

One of the main concerns with Hurricane Florence is the amount of flooding the storm is bringing across the state.

Those floodwaters can contain sewage, chemicals, metal, and even glass.

And if that isn't bad enough, there could be snakes too.

Environmentalist Wilma Subra told CNN sewage can cause boils or rashes on parts of the body that are submerged for extended periods of time, such as legs, while chemicals can cause rashes and burning of the eyes and skin.

But other dangers may be lurking in the floodwaters.

"When you talk about what is in that water -- human waste, raw sewage, toxic chemicals, oil, gasoline, potentially wildlife, snakes, alligators -- then there's the possibility for anyone with an open cut or scrape on their body for an entry, portal of entry for bacteria to get in there," Ashton said on "GMA" Friday.

Floodwater can also carry diseases.

Those who come in contact with contaminated water could have diarrhea or other stomach problems.

To cut down on infection, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reminds parents not to let children play with toys that have been in the water unless they have since been thoroughly washed.

After flooding, be sure your drinking water is sanitized and you wash your hands thoroughly after coming in contact with floodwaters.