Shooting news puts RPD body-camera discussion on hold

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Tuesday, March 1, 2016
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Body cam discussions postponed because of Raleigh officer-involved shooting.

RALEIGH (WTVD) -- Raleigh's mayor called it an irony -- the city's police chief was scheduled to talk with City Council on Monday afternoon about body cameras.

But as soon as the officer-involved shooting happened in southeast Raleigh on Monday afternoon, that meeting with the chief was postponed.

The shooting was lighting up social media and at one point the mayor, Nancy McFarlane, came down to the front row of chambers and showed a staff member a tweet about the shooting.

The last item on today's budget work session agenda called for a presentation by Raleigh's police chief Cassandra Deck Brown.

The chief was supposed to tell council members about what her department has learned about body cam technology, the benefits and concerns about using them, and the cost involved.

But when it was time for the chief to come forward, the mayor instead ended the meeting.

"Obviously we did not have our presentation on body cameras today because it's, the chief is very busy and, you know, this is obviously a sad, terrible situation. Wear are all very saddened by the news," McFarlane said.

The mayor said she didn't know if a body cam might have been helpful in Monday's situation.

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