Pick up the fastest-growing American sport with these 10 pickleball items

ByChi Tran WTVD logo
Friday, August 18, 2023

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Whether it is the simple learning curve or the fact that you can't go two miles in the park without seeing people playing it, pickleball is capturing the zeitgeist across America. With some recommendations from the USA Pickleball governing body, here are some items and fashion fits that will kickstart your pickleball career.

1. Lululemon mid-rise skirt

Feel the fit, the class, and the awe from everyone at your next pickleball game with this Lululemon mid-rise skirt. It will also transition seamlessly to the postgame barbecue and beyond.

Image credit: Lululemon

2. Pro Pickleball Pack

These are top-rated pickleball paddles on Amazon for good reason. If you want to up your pickleball level and commit for the long term, these pro-grade, USAPA-approved pickleball paddles and balls will keep you playing in the park and even in competition.

Image credit: Amazon

3. Spanx Get Moving Dress

As seen on Good Morning America, the Spanx Get Moving Dress is the ultimate pickleball dress with its flexible fit, moisture-absorbing texture, and deep pockets for those pesky pickleballs.

Image credit: Spanx

4. Pickleball Paddles and 4 Balls

The ultimate pickleball starter pack, this amazing deal on Amazon contains two lightweight fiberglass paddles and four pickleball for casual beginner play.

Image credit: Amazon

5. Skechers Pickleball Shoes

The official shoe partner of the USAP, Skechers is far and away the best brand to get your pickleball shoe game on. On top of its performance-related tech, the shoes themselves look cool even for daily use.

Image credit: Amazon

6. Special Edition Pickleball Paddle

If you only buy one paddle as a gift, make it this one. Stylish and perfect for all seasons, the Elkcip Pickleball Paddle comes in many colorways and sets to fit your style as Fall arrives.

Image credit: Amazon

7. Pickleball Bag

Don't just throw your brand-new paddles into your old tennis bag. Get a bag that can protect and preserve your next favorite pastime.

Image credit: Amazon

8. Pickleball Shorts

It is true that men use the same shorts for every occasion. So why not buy a really durable one that can fit at the gym, on the couch, and at pickleball sessions?

Image credit: Adidas

9. Portable Net

There's a big difference between tennis and pickleball nets, so practice your game at home with these awesome portable nets.

Image credit: Walmart

10. Warby Parker Active Sunglasses

It's the weekend. You're playing pickleball, and the sun gets into your eyes, causing you to miss. Don't let the sun get in the way of your game. These Warby Parker Odell active sunglasses will help you stay focused while looking stylish.

Image credit: Warby Parker