Allbirds sneakers are on sale up to 40% off

ByEmma Zlotowitz WTVD logo
Monday, July 17, 2023

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Looking for footwear that's comfortable, affordable, and sustainable is no easy feat. Whether you're running errands or running at the gym, Allbirds is the sustainable shoe for you. The brand started with the Wool Runner Casual Sneaker in 2016 but has since expanded to other footwear, such as running shoes and flip-flops. Some of their most popular sneakers are on sale for up to 40%. Here's a roundup of some of their bestsellers.

1. Men's Wool Piper Woven - $69

The Wool Piper Woven is a comfortable and durable sneaker made for everyday wear.

Image credit: Allbirds

2. Men's Tree Flyers - $59

The Tree Flyers are lightweight and springy, for you to go faster and farther.

Image credit: Allbirds

3. Women's Trail Runners SWT - $84

For the adventure-seekers out there, the Trail Runners are perfect for those who prefer to take their workout outdoors.

Image credit: Allbirds

4. Women's Tree Pipers - $64

Your everyday summer shoe has arrived. The Tree Pipers are cool for warmer weather and will elevate any outfit.

Image credit: Allbirds