Terry Collins apologizes for 'unprofessional' remarks on Horwitz

ATLANTA -- New York Mets manager Terry Collins apologized to Jay Horwitz, the team's vice president of media relations, a day after publicly lashing out at him.

"I was out of line for saying what I said at the press conference," Collins said at Turner Field before Thursday's series opener against the Atlanta Braves. "... He was just doing his job, and I wasn't doing mine."

Collins had not intended to disclose after Wednesday's 4-3 win against the Kansas City Royals that starting pitcherNoah Syndergaard was pulled from the game with elbow discomfort after six innings.

Recognizing that reporters would become suspicious when Syndergaard was not available to speak to media, because he was at the Hospital for Special Surgery in Manhattan getting the elbow checked out, Horwitz pushed Collins at the conclusion of Wednesday's postgame news conference to disclose the information.

"There wasn't any questions on it," Collins told Horwitz as he rose from his chair at the news conference.

After Horwitz prodded him, Collins added: "Oh, Jesus. The puppy dog wants you guys to know that Noah Syndergaard is seeing the doctor. His elbow flared up on him. That's why I took him out of the game."

Collins then walked off without answering inquiries from reporters.

"All I seem to talk about is injuries every day," Collins said Thursday. "I can't even enjoy a win. So that was my fault. It certainly was very unprofessional. That's part of my job is to handle those things. But I'd like to enjoy a victory one time for more than five minutes."

The Mets announced Wednesday night that team doctors found no structural damage in Syndergaard's elbow. He was prescribed anti-inflammatory medication and is expected to make Monday's scheduled start against the Nationals in Washington.

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