Woman's Facebook picture used to lure others for sex

HOUSTON -- A Texas woman says someone stole photos from her Facebook page and used them online to lure men for sex.

Halle Simon, 21, was shocked to see the amateur head shots taken last December resurrected on the social networking site, Tagged. Her friend called her Thursday morning to alert her.

"I was like this cannot be real," Simon said.

Sure enough her picture was there and she couldn't believe the posts.

"I started reading what the posts were saying and I was like, no," said Simon.

"It's too explicit for TV," added her brother, Devante Simon.

Simon and her family think someone copied her pictures from her own Facebook page to create the account on Tagged, including sexually explicit comments to lure men for sex. Her mother called the Harris County Precinct 4 Constable's Office to file a report.

"That's my daughter. That's her name and I don't need it slandered. She's trying to be something in life," said Joyce Simon. "Doing stuff like that, people pull background and say, you were on this website. That would affect your career and I don't want that to happen."

The family then did their own digging. Via text messages, they engaged the person pretending to be Simon and learned it was a man.

When Eyewitness News spoke to him, he said he chose Simon's photos at random and has now deleted the page. He also apologized.

"Don't ruin my life," said Simon.

The family would like to see him charged with a crime. Simon's mother is an advocate for privatizing all social media accounts and hopes her daughter will now listen to her.

Precinct 4 Assistant Chief Deputy Henry Wieghat told Eyewitness News his office is using computer forensics to try to track down the person who lifted Simon's photos.

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