Raleigh 'salon of the future' provides intimate, unique hairstyling experience

RALEIGH (WTVD) -- It may be a small salon but it is mighty.

"Just me and the client..one on one. And I thought that would make both of us feel the most safe," said Nafisah Carter, owner of The Salon.

Carter has traveled all over the world as a stylist to the stars while working on all different types and textures of hair. But working through a pandemic is something she never thought she'd have to navigate.

"It was difficult because we didn't know what was going on. Everything happened at one time," Carter said.

Dealing with her own pre-existing condition, Carter's medication can affect her immune system. So she got to work at home, figuring out the best way to welcome her clients back to the salon.

"I thought that a perfect, private closed off, nice space would be perfect for my clients," Carter said.

The Salon is only big enough for Carter and one other person. In between each client, she can clean the space. She says she is providing an experience for her clients and this is the salon of the future.

"I always feel like I owe them the best. I love them. And that's really what made me keep going," Carter said.

Carter will start accepting new clients in January.
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