Timeshare trouble: Fayetteville family turns to ABC11 Troubleshooter to get back nearly $7,500

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Thursday, July 7, 2022
Fayetteville family with timeshare trouble turns to ABC11
Napolean McCormick and his wife enjoyed their two timeshares over the years but now have been trying to get to rid of them.

FAYETTEVILLE, N.C. (WTVD) -- Napolean McCormick and his wife enjoyed their two timeshares over the years but now have been trying to get to rid of them.

"I just wanted it to end. You know we get older and I'm getting ready to retire, and I don't want anyone else in the family to be obligated," Napolean explained.

Right before the pandemic, in January of 2020, the McCormicks went to a timeshare exit presentation with Omni Ellis. Napolean said he and his wife had their doubts at the presentation

"I'm kind of leery about this," Napolean recalls telling the representative. "He said, 'No, no. Guarantee, you know, hey, you get into stuff and we get you out in 18 months if not we get your money back, and I said yeah right."

But in writing, the contract states that if their timeshare contracts are not canceled within 18 months, the $7,492 the McCormicks paid Omni Ellis will be not refunded. The Fayetteville couple signed the contract and paid the full amount, and waited for word that they were out of their two timeshares.

"Whatever they asked, I complied with them no problem, and the person that we were talking to kind of regularly made me feel that stuff was going on, but then COVID came up," Napolean added.

The McCormicks were patient, but once they hit the 18-month mark, they received no contact to get out of their timeshares and no refund.

"I even sent a certified letter saying 'hey, what's the status what's going on? Say something.'" When the McCormicks did finally hear something, it wasn't about a refund, instead, he says it involved having another company help them get out of their timeshares.

Fed up, Napolean got in touch with Troubleshooter Diane Wilson.

"I did a lot of praying and said, 'Lord this is not right,' and He uses people and He sent you our way and I'm glad He did as we are happy."

They're happy because once Troubleshooter Diane Wilson got involved and in touch with Omni Ellis, the McCormicks got results.

The company agreed to give the McCormicks a full refund of more than $7,400, which Omni Ellis sent by eight different cashier's checks.

"I went to the bank yesterday and I deposited the money and everything is good, and I'm very happy now," Napolean said.

The best advice is to be very leery when signing up for a company that guarantees the sale of your timeshare, as it's not always so easy. Despite any verbal guarantee, your money is also going to be gone if the company goes out of business.