Interested in running a half marathon?

RALEIGH (WTVD) -- Interested in running a half marathon? If so, the time to sign up and start training for the Tobacco Road Marathon is NOW!

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Local running coach Esther Dill is very familiar with the course for the Tobacco Road Marathon, having run it herself last year.

"This coarse is almost guaranteed to give you a PR (personal record.) It's very easy on your legs. There are no turns to slow your momentum down," shared Dill.

That's why she says the big race coming up this March is a great half marathon for beginners, even if they've never run a race before.

"The first thing is the mindset. You have to know that you want to do it and believe that you can do it. There's a lot of ways to get you to the finish line. It depends on your goals," she said.

Dill went on to explain finding the right training plan depends on whether you are running for time or simply looking to finish. Either way, you can find a variety of plans for free online, you can join a local running group, or you can work with a running coach. And, whichever route you go, you also have the advantage of being able to train on the very course you'll be running for the big event.

"For locals here, you can learn every single divot, every hill, every single downhill, and really make this your own, and you can own it on race day," she explained.

But, before that happens, you need to work your way up in miles, even alternating between walking and running if you have to until you build up your stamina (see the Galloway Method.)

As for keeping track of your mileage, some tracks might be marked. And if not, you can always download apps for free such as MapMyRun on your smartphone, or you can opt for more sophisticated devices.

For example, Dill likes using a Garman GPS watch. But, before you splurge on something like that, you might want to make sure you see more running in your future. However, Dill and other running enthusiasts say that's likely once you experience the high of running a race firsthand.

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