Troubleshooter resolves family's furniture frustrations

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Tuesday, October 9, 2018
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The Shaw family faced frustrations trying to get their furniture from Ashley Home Store.

It was supposed to be an exciting time for Shanta Shaw and her mom after they purchased new furniture to fill their home.

Instead, the family said they faced weeks of frustrations just trying to get all of the furniture they ordered from Ashley Home Store.

Shanta bought a sectional, but at the time of delivery, only a portion of the sectional was delivered.

Two of the pieces to complete the sectional were missing.

In addition, Shanta's mom ordered a bedroom set, but she said the headboard came with two left legs so the delivery crew couldn't put the set together.

But an even bigger problem was with the mattress and box spring.

Shanta said the box read that the mattress was a queen, but the actual mattress tag said full.

"I've sent them pictures with the box, and the mattress and the young lady informed me that all mattresses and box frames are final sale and there was nothing they could do about that," said Shanta.

Shanta said she went back to the store and they took off the delivery fee and said the store representative promised the full ordered would be delivered soon.

"They never showed. They didn't call us or anything," she said.

Shanta got in touch with the Troubleshooter and said, "I just want my furniture. It's just how much more do I take before I can get what I pay for. So this is very frustrating."

A representative from Ashley Home Store reached out to Shanta after the Troubleshooter contacted the company, and Shanta was told the rest of the furniture would be delivered.

Overall, she's happy she has her entire sectional.

When it comes to her mom's bedroom set, Shanta said, "This is the whole complete set the way it should have been since the beginning."

The queen mattress was delivered, and both Shanta and her mom are happy to have what they paid for.

Ashley Home Store did not comment; they just worked directly with Shanta and her mom to resolve the situation.