How to avoid a turkey frying disaster on Thanksgiving

Each year, deep fryers are responsible for more than 1,000 fires.

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Friday, November 18, 2022
Advice on frying turkeys
Experts from HFD show us how a lack of preparation and care could ruin your holiday turkey dinner.

We like our fried foods, even on Thanksgiving.

Still, firefighters want to make sure you don't have any disasters if you plan to fry your turkey -- each year, deep fryers are responsible for more than 1,000 fires.

One of the most important tips: Never put a frozen turkey in the deep fryer. Make sure that the turkey is completely thawed because oil and water do not mix.

The turkey should thaw in the refrigerator, according to AccuWeather. This can take anywhere from one to six days to thaw, depending on the size of the turkey.

Experts recommend frying a bird that's no bigger than 10 pounds.

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Set up the equipment outside and avoid wooden decks, patio covers, and garages-- and watch your oil level, so it doesn't spill when you drop the turkey inside.

Keep a fire extinguisher nearby just in case, and protect yourself with oven mitts, tight-fitting long sleeves and safety goggles.

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This story was originally published in November 2019.