Scam targets USAA customers

RALEIGH (WTVD) -- Who doesn't want financial empowerment? Scammers are hoping that will get your attention when it comes to the latest email scam.

The email appears to be from USAA and it states they have decided to reward selected individuals and them to get out of debt. The email goes on to say that you are not required to pay any charges in advance as your appointed agent will guide you through the process.

The email directs you to a retired executive member, Frank Kelson, at USAA and provides a direct email address to him to send your contact information.

USAA confirms this email is not from them and that it is a scam. A representative with USAA says here are a few red flags:

1) USAA emails always refer to members by name and not 'Dear Valued Customer.'
2) USAA emails will always have our Security Zone on the top right corner, which includes the last four digits of the recipient's member number.

3) Overall grammar and layout may be questionable. Specifically for this example, the capitalized words stood out; i.e., 'Credit card,' 'NOT required.' Another example in this category is the email provided ().
4) Phishing emails often drive a sense of urgency. The subject, 'Respond ASAP,' is a perfect example of this red flag. The fraudsters want the recipient to act quickly, before they have time to pause and question the credibility of the email.

Tips from USAA on how to identify and avoid scams
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