Franklin Co. couple hires contractor with lengthy criminal record, out thousands for a job not done

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Friday, June 9, 2023
Franklin Co. couple out thousands after contractor doesn't finish job
A Franklin County couple is warning others after losing thousands of dollars to a contractor with a lengthy criminal record.

FRANKLIN COUNTY, N.C. (WTVD) -- UPDATE--Since this article was originally published, the contractor (Chappell) has been arrested on related charges.

A Franklin County couple is warning others after losing thousands of dollars to a contractor with a lengthy criminal record.

"Our community needs to be warned. He's still doing it," says Royce Jackson.

Jackson and his wife, Kathleen hired Charles Chappell of Calvary Consulting and Construction LLC to install a 40x30 concrete slab at their Louisburg home and paid him $9,000 out of $16,000 to get started.

Contractor arrested after botched job

On the first day of the project, Jackson said there were problems with the design of the slab. He pointed out issues with the height of the concrete and said he thought Chappell would fix it, but the next day, the same problem remained.

"I said 'What are you doing? You're putting my concrete higher than the level of my cabin, that puts me below grade over here.' We talked about this on the front side, we went all through this, and he said 'Yes, you're right, it all needs to be dug out,'" Jackson said.

Instead of digging out the dirt, Kathleen says they just got excuses.

"His mother was in the hospital. He was working in Charlotte. He had a flat tire on the way here. His workers didn't show up," she said.

It was then the Jacksons decided to research Chappell and learned this isn't the first time there have been problems with him not doing work. He has a lengthy criminal record, including convictions of obtaining property under false pretenses and several civil judgments against him where thousands of dollars are owed.

Besides Calvary Consulting and Construction LLC, he also has a company called Blessed Hands and Concrete and Landscaping. That company has an F rating with the Better Business Bureau.

"We did not do our homework and do a background check on him, or all of this would have been avoided," Kathleen said.

Through texts and voice messages, Chappell promised he would return $5,000. When that didn't happen, they contacted Troubleshooter Diane Wilson and the police.

"It's a tough pill to swallow to lose that kind of money," Jackson said.

Wilson tried to reach Chappell by phone and text but did not receive a response. However, Chappell did send a text message to the Jacksons once again promising a refund. So far, no refund.

"I don't want anybody else to take a hit like this. That's why I felt like if we can get this out to more people, maybe it won't happen to one person," Jackson said.

Chappell is wanted by law enforcement as the Franklin County Sheriff's Office says they're investigating Jackson's case, and there is now a warrant out for his arrest, for a felony of obtaining property under false pretenses related to their case.