'My wife made me': Cape Fear Valley Health sees amusing responses to 'Why I got the shot' campaign

HARNETT COUNTY, N.C. (WTVD) -- As vaccinations continue statewide, Cape Fear Valley Health has been including a "Why I got the shot" campaign to see what is motivating people to come out and get their doses.

Those who receive a shot can also fill out a post-it note with that very question, seeing it be put up on the walls of the vaccination clinic.

A few post-it notes have caught the attention of social media users, specifically who were able to convince some Cumberland County residents to get signed up.

One notable note reads, "My wife made me!!!' while another echoes that statement with, "because my wife told me to..."

There were, of course, more earnest reasons as well. One person saying, "Now I can see my out-of-state sister!" reminding us of the impact COVID-19 has had on some people's ability to be physically close to loved ones. Another two read, "For my students!!!".

Eyewitness News stopped by a Harnett County Health Department 2nd dose vaccination clinic on Monday to learn the reason "why" others were choosing to get vaccinated.


For Michael Verrett, a longtime Harnett County resident, he was able to complete his second dose on Monday, sharing he's excited to get back into the gym.

Verrett says he obtained a gym membership just before the Global Pandemic shut down businesses nationwide, adding, "I'm going to give it a week and then I can get back in the gym and start working out. I'm looking forward to that."
Sharon Wells, another Harnett County resident, says she's eager to hit the road and see some normalcy.

"When everybody gets the shot, then we can travel, get on with our lives," said Wells.

Health care workers Kimberly Lewis and Reginald Marsh stopped by to complete their series of vaccines. Both say this means they'll be protected while working and will be a step closer to safer social activities.

"Going to church, um, movies, you know, things like that," said Lewis. Marsh says he's ready to watch live sporting events.

The one common reason between all of these community members was the hope of feeling better protected from COVID-19. A sentiment shared by Lillington resident Larry Green.

Johnson & Johnson says it will be able to provide 20 million COVID-19 vaccine doses by end of March

"We've been cooped up for a year over this, so time to get out of the house," said Green.
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