New Nat Geo Show Is the Perfect Thing To Watch With Your Family This Earth Day

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Thursday, April 21, 2022
Where To Watch Branching Out
Celebrate #EarthDay all month long by watching all three episodes of "Branching Out: A Nat Geo Earth Day Adventure" here:

Watch "Branching Out: A Nat Geo Earth Day Adventure" here.

With Earth Day fast approaching, it's time to figure out what to watch. With tons of eco-related shows to watch on every streaming platform, it can be difficult to decide where to start! From National Geographic's "The Secrets of Whales" to the awe-inspiring intensity of "Explorer: The Last Tepui" on Disney+, there's a nature documentary for everyone. But what if you're looking for something that's more fun for the whole family?

Ginger and the family hop on a boat to check out 'Mr. Trash Wheel', a solar-powered water pollution eliminating device, in Baltimore's Inner Harbor,

"Branching Out: A Nat Geo Earth Day Adventure" is a three-episode series produced by ABC Localish Studios that joins ABC News Chief Meteorologist Ginger Zee, her husband Ben Aaron, and their two kids on a high energy, eco-friendly road trip. Along the way, they meet up with National Geographic Explorers who help them learn about real solutions to help protect our planet and create a greener future.

The show starts off with the family exploring the important role of trees in Earth's ecosystem, from the plight of the almost extinct American Chestnut to the heights scientists go to study the forest's canopy. The family races to plant Chestnut Tree saplings in New York, before the show heads to Florida where they meet up with National Geographic Explorer, Meg Lowman (also known as "Canopy Meg") to play hide and seek under the mighty branches of a majestic Banyan Tree.

The family visits AeroFarms in Newark, New Jersey where they learned about vertical farming after getting dressed in head-to-toe PPE.

Throughout the episodes, Ginger Zee's bright and knowledgeable personality shines, effortlessly complemented by her husband Ben's humor. Ben, more of the 'city-loving' type, plays the perfect foil to Ginger's adventurous spirit. The kids are adorably along for the ride, even cheering their mom on at one point while she's 50ft off the ground in the branches of a massive tree.

With the help of some tree climbing experts, Ginger scales to the top of a huge tree to get a birds-eye-view of the forest's canopy.

Equal parts fun and informative, 'Branching Out' has a message most nature shows miss--That being eco-conscious doesn't have to mean losing out on family fun. In fact, the show highlights just how easy it can be to plan an eco-friendly trip the whole family can enjoy.

Watch all three episodes of "Branching Out: A Nat Geo Earth Day Adventure" on National Geographic's YouTube page and visit for an exclusive extended cut of the first episode.