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Wednesday, May 20, 2015
(Cut Video/YouTube)
Cut Video/YouTube

The latest installment of the "100 Years of Beauty" series covers the Philippines.

Just like the others, a culture's perceived notions of beauty over the course of a century pass before your eyes in under a minute. This time, the time-lapse has a story.

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For this episode, the research was done by Chris Santo Domingo Chan, an anthropology PhD student at the University of Washington. Chan said he hopes the video shows how nationalism and relationships with other cultures shape perceptions of beauty.

"It is the Spanish/U.S. 'discovery' of indigenous Philippines after the Spanish-American War," he explained in a statement, "followed by a period of seduction and enchantment with Western aesthetics, and finally, a growing reclamation of Filipino nationalism in various iterations."

If you find these time-lapses mesmorizing, you're not the only one. Since the series started in December, the original video has garnered more than 22 million views.

Photos used with permission.

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