VIDEO: Cyclists share dangerous near-misses in Wake Co.

WAKE COUNTY (WTVD) -- With warmer weather comes more bicycles out on the roads. But, after an accident involving four cyclists hit by a car in Johnston County last week, the cycling community is pleading with motorists to be more patient and careful.

That's what prompted one rider to share some videos he captured using a GoPro camera while riding in Wake County.

Take, for example, this video where a truck tries to pass a group of riders, only to force another vehicle off the road to avoid a head-on collision.


In this video, you see two angles. First, one angle that shows a vehicle trying to pass riders in the other lane. Then, the second angle shows that driver running off the road to avoid another vehicle they apparently didn't see coming around a curve.


Finally, this example shows a motorist passing riders. But pay attention to the left side of the screen at the end of the clip. There, you'll see on the opposite side of the road on a very narrow shoulder.

Riding in that shoulder, there's what appears to be a family of bike riders, including two young girls, dangerously close to the impatient passing driver.


"Sometimes it's just that: impatience. Wanting to get past us is the most frequent cause that we see," said avid cyclist Al Hertzberg. "And I won't say that it's every ride but I'll say it's every second or third ride we see somebody do something really dangerous."

Thankfully, no one was hurt in these videos, but it serves as a reminder to be careful when sharing the roads with cyclists.

"We're trying to be as courteous as possible, and we hope that you are sensitive to our needs because we want to get home safe to our families, as well," says Hertzberg.

He adds that drivers need to be alert for bicycles, to slow down, and wait to pass riders on a flat straightaway.

"And that's the safest way, be patient and look for our signals because sometimes we are saying 'hey slow down,' or we are signaling you to pass."

As for why riders travel in large groups in the middle of the lane, they say the do this to make themselves more visible to motorists, and to avoid debris and other hazards on the side of the road.

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