College basketball 3-point line to move farther back

The NCAA announced Wednesday that the three-point line that was on display during last year's NIT tournament at Reynolds Coliseum will be adopted full time effective next season.

The line will be moved back from 20 feet nine inches to 22 feet, one and three-fourths inches.

That synchronizes NCAA basketball with the international three-point line.

The hope is that it will decrease lane congestion, creating more room for players to drive to the bucket, create better offensive spacing in general, and slightly de-emphasize the importance of the three-point shot, which has become more and more the weapon of choice in college basketball.

The three-point shot was introduced to college hoops back in 1986.

Among the opponents of the move at the time -- Mike Krzyzewski.

He's since come around. It started at 19 feet nine inches and then was pushed back a foot to 20 feet 9 inches prior to the 2008-09 season.
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