Raleigh Police, supporters raise funds with 5-0 bike ride

RALEIGH, N.C. (WTVD) -- Ride a bike outdoors in August and you'll definitely feel the burn. But hundreds of cyclists didn't mind the heat Sunday as they sweated their way through the annual 5-0 ride through Raleigh.

Dilepp Dadlani's answer, when asked why he endured rugged conditions on his bicycle, said "To support the Raleigh Police Memorial Foundation. So all funds raised benefit the foundation."

He's one of the 125 people who paid between $35 and $55 to register for the fundraiser. Among the participants were police officers, hobbyists and experienced competitors, all working together to raise awareness as well as cash.

"Because you have hundreds of riders riding out, all at the same time, nice and safe," Dadliani said."Trying to navigate the roads and be successful to each other. '

Some of you reading this may be inspired to get involved. If so, you don't have to get on a bike or even be in great shape to help this cause.

Lt. Dedrick Bond of the Raleigh Police Department said "Definitely. They can go to the Raleigh Police Memorial Foundation website, and they can make a donation online."

But if you're interested in participating, Bond says, "Definitely start training now. It is a 100K, it is a steep climb on some of the route. The 50K is another option. We definitely make it challenging. To make it achievable but definitely worth the trouble involved."

Cyclist Dadlani also advises potential competitors "Put it on their calendar. This is one of the best charity rides out there. Well supported, well run, and you've got to support local. Especially with the Raleigh Police Department, with all that that they do for our community? It just makes sense to come out and help them, have some fun."
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