Watch: South Mecklenburg High School students elect boy with autism Homecoming King

CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Students at South Mecklenburg High School came together to give their classmate a homecoming he would never forget.

They elected Blake Rice, a student with autism, who underwent brain surgery roughly a year ago, as Homecoming King.

It was a celebration that had students and faculty celebrating.

"I think it's amazing that everyone's coming together and just voting for him and giving him that shot," student Brandon Baldwin told WSOC. "You see the reaction on his face. He was just jumping around dancing. He was so happy."

In a video posted to Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools' social media accounts, Blake is crowned King and takes a victory dance on the court.

The post read in part, "We are so proud of you for this amazing display of love and inclusion."

And Blake's father, Matthew, who also teaches at the school, said the simple act was a "referendum on kindness."

" choosing a kid like Blake, you showed the world that you value above all else, inclusion," he commented on the Facebook post. "You showed the world that as Sabres we celebrate our diversity as our strength. You championed the most vulnerable kid, because to you, it was the right thing to do."