Fayetteville beauty salon owner says customer shot up her home, burned down her business

FAYETTEVILLE, N.C. (WTVD) -- A Fayetteville business was destroyed in a weekend fire, and just hours before, there was a shooting at the owner's home.

The owners of A&V Dominican Salon told ABC11 they believe a customer is responsible.

Fayetteville Police have ruled the fire an arson while Hoke County Sheriff's deputies are looking into the shooting. Both agencies said it's too soon to tell whether the two incidents are related but the Garcia family told ABC11 they were sure of it.

"We never had a problem with anybody, a client, this is the first and we are good people," said Mariangely Garcia.

Garcia said all of this started on Friday when a customer refused to pay for her $45 hair service.

"During the argument, she was threatening us saying you are all dead," said Garcia.

The family claims the woman also had something to do with the shooting at their home. The family woke up early Saturday morning to gunshots.

"We heard noises and we woke up. My brother went to check to see what the noise was and to find out six, seven bullet holes in our house," said Garcia.

But Sunday afternoon, the family rushed over to an alarm call at their Yadkin Road business.

"Just to find out that the salon was shattered burned down, everything was gone," said Garcia.

Between the fight, gunshots and fire, the Garcias said the only thing left is fear.

"It's just hard you know. Knowing that our family is in danger as well. So it's like, for $45 you had to cause all of this," said Garcia.
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