'I think he did it on purpose': 911 calls released in Bessemer City restaurant crash

Thursday, May 24, 2018
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The man accused of intentionally plowing his car into a Bessemer City restaurant, killing two family members, is facing murder charges.

BESSEMER CITY, N.C. -- Authorities have released the 911 calls made after a man plowed through a Bessemer City restaurant, killing two family members.

"The man who drove the car into the building has been in a mental breakdown," the caller said. "I know him personally and I think he did it on purpose, and it was his family that he drove the car into."

Roger Self is now facing murder charges.

Police said he took his family into the Surf and Turf Lodge over the weekend. Once they were seated, he then excused himself, went out to his vehicle and drove it at a high rate of speed into the area where they were sitting.

Self's daughter Katelyn, 26, was one of the victims killed. She was a Gaston County sheriff's deputy.

The other victim was identified as Amanda Self, Roger Self's daughter-in-law, according to the family's pastor, Austin Rammell.

Other family members were also injured, according to police, including Amanda Self's 13-year-old daughter and Roger Self's wife, Diana.