'Abbott Elementary' cast teases big news for season 3

Sheryl Lee Ralph, Lisa Ann Walter, Chris Perfetti and William Stanford Davis reveal what's in store for our favorite characters

ByGina Sirico OTRC logo
Wednesday, January 17, 2024
Big 'Abbott Elementary' changes ahead for season 3
"You're not ready!" The 'Abbott Elementary' cast tease big guest stars, big storylines and big changes in season 3.

LOS ANGELES -- Back-to-school time is almost here!

"Abbott Elementary" returns on February 7 and apparently, fans will need as much time as possible to prepare for what is coming.

"Everybody's been asking me, 'Well, how are you gonna start? It's five months later!' I said, 'Just you wait until the way that is explained to you. You're gonna love it and get it,'" Sheryl Lee Ralph told On The Red Carpet. "I also love the fact that this season, you're really getting deep into who these people are."

Seeing the cast outside of the classroom will be a big part of season three, and we can expect lots of changes ahead.

"I'm so excited for season three. I feel like Quinta has taken a big swing in this first episode, which is going to be an hour long. And she's really turning the show on its head," Chris Perfetti said. "I think what people are expecting, they're not gonna get and I think it's very, very cool."

Is that a hint for what's ahead in the Janine/Gregory relationship? William Stanford Davis weighed in...well, kind of.

"Relationships come and go, I'll leave it like that. I won't say what kind of relationships!"

Davis also hinted about something new coming for a pivotal character.

"You'll see a little bit of a change with the principal."

Color us intrigued...and on the hunt for more information!

"The hint I will give you is, so much happens that they had to give it an hour. There's a lot of big changes in that first episode. Big, big stuff happens. I think the audiences will be blown away," Lisa Ann Walter revealed. "But all of it is very funny. I can promise you that. AND, big guest star. Huge."

When we asked how big we were talking, Walter said with a smile, "Pretty dang big. For some of us, meaning me, it was pretty incredible."

Perfetti agreed. "The guest stars that are coming up... let's just say you're not ready."

The one-hour season premiere of "Abbott Elementary" airs Feb. 7 on ABC.

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