For neglected, rescued horse Haley, the end may be near

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Tuesday, September 19, 2017
Haley the horse recovering from years of neglect
Haley the horse is recovering from years of neglect.

LINDEN, North Carolina (WTVD) -- A Cumberland County horse rescue group is hoping for help with an abandoned horse that needs medical attention.

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The group is looking for ways to cover the cost of medical care for Haley, who is about 8-years-old. The group said it believes she lived neglected in Sampson County.

Nicole Coleman is almost like the owner Haley the horse never had.

"She's a good girl," said Coleman who works for Leilani Mae, a horse-rescue group. "She's very sweet. Wants to love all over you."

On Saturday night, she got the call that a horse in Sampson County had no owner and suffered from a possible eye or head injury.

"Her owner left her and moved to Nevada supposedly last week," said Coleman.

That eye injury or infection is so graphic, ABC11 made a decision not to show it.

"It probably started out as something small but because it was left unattended it became a very aggressive mass," said veterinarian Dr. Brian Garrett. "Very little left of the eye itself. It's kind of just dissolved."

Coleman has since stepped up and brought Haley home to live and play with her horses.

But it's not yet smooth sailing for Haley.

"She was so excited to see other horses because she was by herself for five years. I think seeing other horses lifted her spirits," said Coleman. "It the results come back and she's positive for cancer, depending on the stage it's in will determine her future."