Raleigh man works with group to evacuate U.S. allies still in Afghanistan

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Friday, September 17, 2021
Raleigh man works with group to save U.S. allies in Afghanistan
"The best we can do is to honor those who are still in harms way that served with us."

Americans raced to evacuate Afghanistan before August 31 but, along the way, some of our allies were left behind.

It's a harsh reality.

"The sad part is that I get up asking the question, 'did they make it? Did they make it through the night?'" said Graham Settle, a retired US Diplomat.

Settle spent years overseas, including time in Afghanistan. When he heard about a group of 100 people left behind, he knew he needed to help.

"The best we can do is to honor those who are still in harms way that served with us," Settle said.

He joined a group of private people from all over the world working to get a group of about 100 people out of Afghanistan. Many of them are women and children, Afghan first responders at the American Clinic and 11 of them are two years old or younger.

"Others that have similarities to our group are being taken off buses in transit and beaten and handcuffed behind their back and put into trunks two at a time," Settle said.

Currently, they're being moved from safe house to safe house but Settle says they're running out of time.

"This group deserves our recognition and it is an active security situation," Settle said.

Still, Settle says he's hopeful and confident they'll receive the treatment they deserve as our allies.

"I hope it's properly placed confidence that America will not turn their back on these people and that support and help is on the way," he said.

Settle says you can help too. He's asking people to call their congressmen and senators and ask for them to help get this group out of Afghanistan.