After-Christmas sales offer huge bargains on apparel, games and more

If you can wait a bit longer, you can score better deals starting on Dec. 26.

You might be tempted to shop now, but you really can score some fantastic discounts at after-Christmas sales, especially when it comes to the number one deal of all: apparel. looked at past sales and prices and came up with a list.

Apparel deals dominate those after-Christmas sales, and you can save up to half-off. Expect a massive selection of winter clothes and accessories for up to 75 percent off.

Next, cameras are heavily discounted after Christmas and we're not talking about the cheap ones. High-end cameras from Canon and Nikon can be found for less than you'd get before Dec. 26.

Sports and fitness equipment are also on sale in the days before New Years Eve, where you can get big discounts on treadmills and weights. This is also a great time to score a good deal on a new gym membership, too.

Prices on video games, especially titles on older systems, are also slashed around this time. In fact, you can find XBox One games starting at just $8.

Finally, you can't hit an after-Christmas sale without stocking up on Christmas decor and gift wrap.

Most price drops start at 50 percent but expect to see drops of 75 percent to 90 percent off the day after Christmas on inflatables, Santa, and lights leading to the New Year's Day holiday.

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