MoneySaver: Raleigh attorney develops app for lawyers to bid on your business

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Wednesday, August 13, 2014
Raleigh attorney develops app for lawyers to bid on your business
BernieSez app allows users to upload tickets and get bids from attorneys.

RALEIGH (WTVD) -- If you've ever received a ticket, you know letters from attorneys soliciting your business will follow. In many cases, it can be a little overwhelming.

"Most of the time, I go to the yellow pages," said Ellis Richardson when ABC11 spoke to him outside the Wake County Court House recently. "Or, when I go to court, they appoint me one."

Richardson said it's difficult to choose an attorney for traffic cases.

Raleigh attorney Terence McEnally is hoping to bridge that gap with a free app and website he created. It's called BernieSez.

"If you have a traffic ticket," explained McEnally, "You take a picture of the traffic ticket, it goes to this site. Attorneys see it and bid on it and you get the bids on your phone or desktop. Citations run the gamut from simple speeding tickets to all the way up to something more serious which we hope someone never has. But, we say it's any cite and release case. If it's the sort of thing where a policeman has given you a citation and says,'You need to go to court with this,' that's something we can help with."

McEnally said the technology can save the consumer time because you only have to enter the details of your case once and the attorneys contact you to bid on what they would charge to represent your case.

"It's really not an auction either," said McEnally. "It is closed bidding, sealed bidding. Attorneys see the information you've uploaded and they say, 'I'll do it for this much.' It really is a time saver."

McEnally said it can also be a money saver because the consumer can choose an attorney within their budget. Attorneys are also rated and reviewed by previous clients.

"The consumer is able to vet these attorneys," said McEnally.

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