Apex Police cartoon 'Officer Flatley' popping up all over the world

Friday, August 5, 2016
(Apex Police Dept.)
Apex Police Dept.

APEX (WTVD) -- The Apex Police Department is having a lot of fun with folks from all over this summer, with the creation of "Officer Flatley," a cartoon paper doll that is showing up in pictures around the world.

The department is calling Officer Flatley a relative of "Flat Stanley," the paper doll that's meant to promote literacy.

They're asking folks to print out the picture of Officer Flatley, color him, take him along vacations, and take pictures just to see how far and wide it can go - and so far the 2D Apex officer has been all over Europe, including Italy and the Netherlands. He's even popped up in Japan.

"It's a simple thing but it's a great way for kids to remember us while they're on vacation and have fun," Apex Police Captain Ann Stephens said.

"We've gotten some great pictures of all the places that he's been," Stephens added. "You know we still have a month or so left before traditional school starts, so we'd love to get some more pictures in before."

Stephens said she especially loves seeing law enforcement from other places take pictures with Officer Flatley, and she hopes the project will show their more light-hearted side.

"I think it's great for [the community) to be a part of it, but to see too that we like to have fun," Stephens said. "We enjoy the fun things and seeing where he goes and coloring him."

If you want to join in on the fun you can print out the picture of Officer Flatley below, color and cut him out.

The Apex Police Department is asking that you send them one picture of Officer Flatley by himself so they can post it up on social right away, and one picture of him on the trip with you after you're home safe. You can send those picture to them on Twitter here and Facebook here.

Check out more of Officer Flatley's adventures here.

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