Cary parents voice reassignment concerns again


With many Wake County parents signed up to express their concerns; they had to be split up into two rooms, causing the board to split too.

"I think it's a true divide and conquer technique by the board again, there's power in numbers and if they can diminish those numbers, then we're not as strong," parent, Allison Backhouse said.

During the meeting, parents argued against being bused farther away, to shaking the stability of their children.

"How can I trust a system, when these are their most formative years?" one concerned parent said.

The school board maintains it must reassign nearly 7,000 students to control growth and keep schools diverse.

"It's obvious that priority is based on diversity over the educational needs of our children," Backhouse added.

The board says it will take all comments into consideration before voting on the finalized reassignment plan next month.

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