Car warranty delay


Since September, Lenard Furlough tells Troubleshooter Diane Wilson he's been trying to get his van fixed but he's had to go through a lot of calls to get satisfaction.

The problem is with his van's clear coat. He says, "You can see where it's peeling off here. You can see the spots." Lenard says as soon as he noticed the problems he bought the van to Capital Ford since that's where he bought it from and it's still under warranty.

Lenard tells Troubleshooter Diane Wilson a rep took pictures and he never heard anything again. Lenard says after several more calls he was re-assured in December his van would be taken care of. He says he was told to call back after the first of the year.

Lenard adds, "I called several times, I left messages three times." Lenard says he heard nothing from Capital Ford.

He adds, "You pay for a warranty and the people that sell it to you should stand behind it. If you don't' get the job done you call the person that can."

Lenard called Troubleshooter Diane Wilson and she got in touch with Capital Ford. Within a day, Lenard got a call and has an appointment to take care of his van. He adds, "They're going to take the clear coat and re-do that. I'm very happy thanks a lot to you."

A rep for Capital Ford looked into the issue right away and assured Troubleshooter Diane Wilson it would be taken care of.

He said the reason why Lenard didn't get a call back on his own, is because the rep who was dealing with him has been out of town at a body shop show. He also thanked us for bringing it to his attention, as he says he was not aware of the problem.

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