Family members don't know suspected killer


Her family is speaking publicly for the first time in an exclusive Eyewitness News interview.

Wake County Sheriff Donnie Harrison personally called the family of Latrese Curtis Saturday morning to tell them the news they had been waiting for.

"He had the man who did this to my sister," Justin Hammonds, Curtis' sister, said.

The news that 43-year-old Robert Reaves had been arrested for murdering 21-year-old Curtis and leaving her body in I-540 provided some relief.

"I got a little bit of sleep last night compared to none the last few nights," Hammonds said.

But the arrest also brought many questions.

"For me, I feel happy but not satisfied," Hammonds said. "There's a lot of details in the situation we're not clear on and hopefully well get a little finality when it comes to that."

"I'm just kind of lost for words, as far as why this whole situation took place," Marlon Wheeler, Curtis' brother, said.

One of the biggest questions the brothers struggle with is how did their sister know her suspected killer? The Sheriff says the two had met.

"I never heard of him," Hammonds said. "He's no one I had ever come in contact with, family members, close friends, whatever. He's not even a school person anybody, she was in college with."

Curtis worked at Sears at Triangle Town Center and she was also a night student at NCCU in Durham. Her family says Tuesday night around 10 p.m., she called her husband to tell him she was on her way back home to Raleigh. That was the last time family members heard from her.

The brothers say they want answers and justice.

"He's taken something from us that's gonna be forever," Hammonds said. "So I think he should be behind bars forever. The death penalty isn't something that would satisfy me."

For now they're satisfied knowing police believe they've put Curtis' killer behind bars before they lay her to rest.

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