Washer Balls


The Washer Balls use the natural cleaning power of oxygen instead of hard chemicals. Also inside the balls are time release oxygenating pellets that dispense rich cleansing oxygen when they come in contact with water.

The ad claims the washer balls will clean 45 large loads of laundry, so we asked Jeri Pullen to put them to the test.

She says, "It's very simple, you just turn your water on and drop the balls in. I always just let the water fill up a little bit and then I put my clothes in."

But the real test comes when you take the laundry out of the washing machine.

Jeri says, "The downfall of it was that when you pull them out they were clean, but you didn't have that nice clean fresh scent that you get from using your scented detergents." It's a drawback for Jeri, but possibility a selling point for others.

She adds, "I would recommend it to someone if they did not mind not having the scent of the clothes. If it were a scented product I would buy it."

So for $5 for two washer balls, they are a bargain and we give them a thumbs up.

Jeri did have one other concern about the balls, she wasn't sure when they would stop working, so you would probably have to keep track of how many loads of laundry you've washed.

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