WakeMed welcomes Leap Year babies


"Yes, Leap Day, I think he was the first baby [born on Leap Day] at WakeMed in Raleigh," said Wendy Corbitt.

Addison only had a 1 in 1461 chance of being a Leap Day baby according to the honor society of Leap Year babies.

"I just think its pretty cool he's a leap year baby," said Wendy.

Wearing a leap frog hat given by WakeMed to all the babies born on Leap Day, Addison adds to a population of only 200 thousand in the U.S. born on Leap Day.

His mother, Wendy hoped her son would be born on February 29, saying, "I was pushing for Leap Day. Just because it's different- something extra special about him. I mean it only rolls around once every 4 years, so, I thought it would be cool to be born on Leap Day."

Addison's father agrees saying, "It's a neat day to have a baby."

Leap Day is added to the shortest month of the year, February, every 4 years so the calendar stays in sync with the seasons. But, how do families of Leap Year births celebrate? The Corbitt's plan on double the parties. "My idea," said Wendy, "I don't know if hubby agrees with this, but, it's to celebrate twice, Feb. 28 and March 1. The more parties and the more presents the better."

There's also a website http://www.leapzine.com/hr/ devoted to those born on Leap Day and even a theme song.

But, perhaps the biggest perk to being born on Leap Day is when Addison turns 80, it will really only be his 20th birthday. Now, that's something to leap about.

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