Young, new voters expected at polls

He registered for the first time, four years ago, today. He told Eyewitness News, "I definitely feel more, a little more excited about this particular election than the last one."

The /*candidates*/ vying for votes in the Texas and Ohio primaries have many people like Duke fired up about the political process. He says among his friends and classmates, "About half are concerned now. The other half, I believe, will follow through when the actual election comes about."

That may not happen with Melanie Grossman, another /*N.C. State*/ student. She's not registered to vote.

"No I'm not. I don't really want to vote for anybody right now," she said

But board of elections officials expect to hear from lots of first time young voters interested in registering before the April 11. That's the deadline for participation in the primary election.

Potential /*voters*/ can /*register*/ at county board of elections offices, online, or by mail.

There's also voter registration available at /*DMV*/ and /*unemployment offices*/.

Will Grossman change her mind about voting and cast a ballot this year?

"Probably, but I really haven't kept up with it any, at all," she said.

Duke, however, really believes young voters can make, or break, a candidate's run to the /*White House*/.

"I think they have the potential to make a difference," he said. "But we'll see what actually happens!"

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