Family urges murder suspect to surrender


Authorities say 51-year-old /*Allen Thomas*/ stabbed his ex-wife /*Linda Thomas*/, 21 times. She later died at a local hospital.

/*Sherriff's Department*/ officials said Tuesday, they have had a couple of credible reports that Allen is still in the area.

With tears and grief, Allen Thomas Jr. made a public plea for his father to give himself up.

"That's one thing you can do for me that would touch me for the rest of my life, that's to turn yourself in," Allen Jr. said.

Allen has been on the run since early Monday morning.

That is when authorities say Linda frantically called 911 saying her ex-husband had broken into her Dundee Circle Road home and was attacking her.

In the community where both Linda and Allen Thomas are known, Sheriff Hubert Peterkin said Allen should surrender for his own safety.

"There are people who are upset; there are people who are not even in the family that could run across him. If they run across Allen they may approach him wrong, trigger something --next thing you know, we got a fight or altercation," Peterkin said.

It is a tragedy the Thomas family says they cannot comprehend, but one they want to end.

"To lose your mother by the hand of you father, that's really tough," Allen Jr. said.

"My mama is resting right now, but it would be more complete if he just turns himself in. I want him to know I love him," Thomas' daughter, Comecya Thomas added.

Peterkin is not convinced Allen will voluntarily surrender and he warns anyone who may try to hide Allen or help him elude arrest --they too could face charges.

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