Suspected KKK member to serve probation


/*Anthony Finch*/ avoided jail time by pleading guilty to communicating death threats. As part of his probation, Finch will have to undergo a mental evaluation and turn over all his firearms.

Last June, Finch was charged with /*assault*/ and ethnic intimidation, after he chased Dionne Hensley and Jimmy Daye at gunpoint.

"The whole situation was uncalled for; there was no reason for it, no need for it period," Hensley said.

The case drew outraged from the African American community. The /*NAACP*/ also got involved after pictures of Finch were found in his car –wearing what appears to be Klan robe.

/*Eyewitness News*/ asked Finch about the allegations of being a member of the Klan.

"I've been a member of the /*Henderson Police Department*/ and that was for 23 years and a half years, till I got sick and now I'm disabled," Finch responded.

However, on a talk show, a man identifying himself as Anthony Finch spoke with a white supremacist group known as the /*National Social Workers Party*/.

Radio Host: What about your local Klan? Finch: What the Klan is doing here is pretty much inviting, trying to get people to help me here. I'm trying to get activists to help me here. Everybody sees that because it's a white on black affair they don't want to get involved. Really I feel like a t-shirt on a clothes line. Hung out to dry. Radio Host: That's terrible.

And with Finch sentenced to probation, some in /*Henderson*/ are concerned justice was not done.

"Henderson is very racist. Small --everybody knows everybody and protects people who they're kin with," Resident, Lisa Harris said.

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