Police close two unsolved murders

FAYETTEVILLE Roymari Campbell faces two murder charges and police say it was one of their own who helped crack the case. For Destiny Bethea, news of the arrest brings a sense of relief, not comfort. "Yeah, I feel a little bit better now that he is caught cause before I was like, ok he is on the loose there is no telling he could come back," Bethea said. What Bethea and her neighbors did not know until now, is the Campbell has been in the Cumberland County Jail since early December. He was jailed then for kicking in the door of a women's apartment in September, but he ran away after seeing her on the phone calling 911. A month later in November, police say he shot and killed 42-year-old Lori Beaudry after breaking into her apartment. Police think Beaudry, the wife of a Fort Bragg solider who had returned from Iraq, surprised him. "He has been charged with the two homicides both involved robberies and burglaries," said Jamie Smith with the Fayetteville Police. In January police released a surveillance tape of Campbell using Beaudry's credit card at a local store right after the murder. A police officer recognized Campbell as the suspect --the woman whose apartment has had tried to burglarize in September-- had identified. Campbell remains in jail under no bond. At this point investigators have not been able to connect Campbell to any other crimes, but say their investigation continues.
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