More crimes investigated after NCSU student robberies


According to the warrant, police were called to a dorm on Friday morning after it was discovered that several rooms had been burglarized. Because it was the beginning of Spring Break, no students were allowed in the building.

When a student was reported to be entering one of the rooms, police responded. They found he was indeed the resident of that room and further investigation did not connect him to any of the break-ins.

/*N.C. State*/ Public Safety Sgt. John Barnwell says the break-ins at the Avent Ferry Complex may be related to other break-ins being investigated by Raleigh police at a neighboring motel.

It's not the only crime on the campus in the past few days. Two students were robbed within 24 hours on Monday and Tuesday.

According to campus police, one graduate student was held up at gunpoint by two men wearing ski masks Tuesday evening.

The suspects demanded the student's wallet and then fled on foot towards Avent Ferry Rd. Monday evening two students were robbed at knife point.

According two police, the wallet of one of the students was stolen during that incident. The suspect fled the scene in a late model Ford Explorer.

That robbery happened around 9 p.m. at a residence hall located on Avent Ferry Rd. Police say the robberies are unusual as only five or six are reported a year.

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