Six-year-old boy drowns in Durham


Joshua Dwayne Bullock and his parents were visiting friends off Wendell Road when they say the 6-year-old boy wondered off around 1 p.m. Sunday.

"The door was just the sliding glass door was open at that time. We started looking for him we knew right away he was missing," Joshua's father, Joshua Thomas Bullock said.

/*Durham Sheriff officials*/ and the /*Highway Patrol*/ assisted in an air and ground search.

Investigators were especially concerned, becaused they said Joshua had ADHD, bipolar and slightly mentally disabled.

Crews traced his possible steps to a murky pool, covered with leaves --just 50 feet from the house.

"He was located by one of our search and recovery guys at the bottom of an old swimming pool. The pool was maybe about half full of water," said L.E. Kelly with the Durham County Sheriff's Office. "We wanted to drain it so we could at least get someone down there to feel around and see what contents were inside the pool."

The pool was fenced in on only two sides. Investigators say it appears Joshua fell in and drowned, but say they are still investigating.

Charges against Joshua's father and step-mother are pending.

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