Troubleshooter: sewer troubles


The homeowner, Stacey McDonald says it wasn't a pretty site or smell and it's all because of a blocked sewage line.

Stacey tells /*Troubleshooter*/ Diane Wilson, "It was just very thick brown water, basically running from the bathroom all over the kitchen floor into our living room. It was all under the table and chairs that we sit and eat in every night. You don't even know where to start first."

First, Stacey stopped the sewage and tore up the floor, then called a plumber. She says the plumber told her, her sewage line was blocked. She adds, "The plumber basically put a snake down into this and ran it 105 feet out saying between 105 and 125 feet out to the road saying that's where the blockage is." Stacey says it was blocked all the way underneath this city street.

When city crews checked out the line with a camera, Stacey said they told her a large tree root was blocking where her sewer line dumps into the main line. Even more bad news, Stacey says the city told her the repairs were her problem.

Stacey says, "I'm not sure how we've become responsible for something that's under a city street. For a tree that's causing a problem on city property, I'm just baffled by that."

Stacey turned to Troubleshooter Diane Wilson. /*ABC 11*/ called the city and within a day Stacy got the good news. She found out her line would be repaired at no cost to her. City crews worked around the clock and fixed Stacey's line. Stacey tells Troubleshooter Diane Wilson, "I think without having you all involved this would have never been taken care of especially by the city. Thank you for resolving this I appreciate it."

The city rep says typically the homeowner is responsible for the repairs to their own sewer lines, but since this case is more than just a routine clog and there was a section of the main line that was damaged; they replaced it at no cost to Stacey.

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