Local fallen soldier awarded Silver Star


Sergeant /*Clint Moore*/ was awarded the /*Silver Star*/ Friday, the third highest medal of honor in military.

When Moore returned to his old high school after his first tour of duty in /*Iraq*/, he was already considered a hero.

Now he's a hero for the history books.

"Right now I'm proud," Moore's father, Ronnie Moore, said. "I feel proud."

He's proud of his son's Silver Star, one of the highest ranking medals of honor that is rarely awarded.

Fort Bragg paratroopers recall Sgt. Clint Moore always in front, fearless, a life saver. "He gave me life," Spc. Jesse McDonald, /*82nd Airborne*/, said. "Without him I wouldn't be here. There's no question in my mind."

Last April his unit came under fire. A bomb threw Moore from a building.

"They started firing," McDonald said. "Sgt Moore grabbed us by the neck without hesitation on his own part."

With his fellow soldiers safely guarded, Moore ran into an unstable building to rescue others. But a second truck loaded with explosives caused the building to collapse.

Mortally wounded and covered in rubble, he called for help for his comrades. Eight men would die along with him.

"He was worried about the people working for him, and that's what it means to be a non-commissioned officer in the U.S. Army," McDonald said.

And now Moore is a highly decorated officer.

"He did something," Moore's father said. "You don't get these little things pinned on you for nothing. It means something. [The] thing about it is I've got this [Silver Star], but I don't have him. What do you [do]? [The] best you can."

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