Organizers hold vigil for Mahato


The vigil was coordinated by the Religious Coalition for a Nonviolent Durham, Parents of Murdered Children and Durham Congregations in Action.

The group gathered at the apartment complex where /*Mahato*/ was murdered, to pay tribute to and celebrate his life.

29-year-old /*Duke*/ graduate student Abhijit Mahato was shot to death in his apartment on Jan. 18 --a pillow was used to muffle the sound of the blast.

The Tatangar, India, native was studying for a doctorate in computational mechanics at Duke.

A grand jury has indicted two teenagers is Mahato's death, 17-year-old Laurence Lovette and 19-year-old Stephen Oates.

Lovette also faces murder charges for killing UNC Chapel Hill's Student Body President /*Eve Carson*/ earlier this month.

"It leaves a giant hole when we lose somebody especially when we lose someone in the manner where their lives are taken violently," said Anna Lee Mosley with the Religious Coalition for Non-violent Durham.

The prayer vigil was planned shortly after his death.

"Since that time Eve Carson was killed, suspects arrested and yes, it brings a bigger focus on the vigil," Mosley said.

And Duke Grad student Jeremy Block hopes that encouraged /*Carolina*/ students to the vigil as well.

The prayer vigil was held at 6 p.m. on Monday at the Anderson street apartments in Durham.

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