Airport security to sort travelers


The /*Transportation Security Administration*/ hopes to cut stress and time by separating black diamond business travelers from blue casual and green family flyers who often take more time.

Johnny Lamon says he flies once a week for work and is a believer in TSA's idea.

"People go through and they don't take stuff out of their pockets. And they don't know what to do. And they put the trays - my big peeve is people put trays in the wrong way. It takes longer for them to go through the scanner," Lamon said.

The ski-themed security lines are part of a larger effort to improve customer service. A recent survey of people's impressions of federal agencies ranked TSA near the /*IRS*/ - the people who collect our taxes.

"The calmer we can make the checkpoint, the more the bad guy stands out," said Michael Zunk with TSA.

TSA says they also hope the security ski lanes will cut down on stress.

"I just know that traveling with two small kids makes it more stressful for me. So maybe it makes it more stressful for them, too," Cary resident, Martha Smith said.

To help flyers decide their level, TSA says agents will suggest a lane, but the final security skill is up to each flyer.

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