Residents use woman's land for dumping


Barbara Johnson says her land was supposed to be a legacy left to her children, but illegal dumping has turned it into an eyesore.

Individuals and building contractors are dumping everything from bed springs to the bathroom sink, along with enough shingles to roof several homes.

"The shingle bit is not an individual person," Johnston said. "That's people taking it back there to save money from going to where they need to pay for it."

She has owned more than 100 acres off Waldo's Beach Road for over 50 years, but the public just recently started dumping on the land.

The Johnson family says they have tried everything to keep people out and stop dumping.

The Cumberland County Sheriff's Office has even posted signs. Johnson says the signs have been shot at and burned.

Her son also put up a new gate and a couple of no trespassing signs, which did not last long.

"He went there at 5 o'clock that afternoon to check it out," Johnson said. " Everything was fine. He went back at 9 p.m., the signs had been pulled down and the gate had been knocked down."

Johnson says she is being forced to pay to clean up somebody else's mess.

"I'm going to clean it up one more time," she said. "And this time I'm keeping the expenses that go there. And it's going to be considerable."

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