Billboards cause concern across Triangle


There are nine billboards across the /*Triangle*/ area with the words "Who killed MLK?" that are serving as advertisements for a new book, but they have some people talking about race.

"I think we should just leave it alone," Driver, Tabytha Everett said.

The issue of race is not an easy topic for Everett. So when she drove past one of the billboards on Highway 70, the probing question popped out at her.

"I mean it's in our history and I'm African American, so it's in my history also so I think it should be up there," Everett said.

On the same week the nation recognized the 40th anniversary of King's death, the signs went up in the Triangle. Some feel the timing is a little inappropriate.

"It was a bad time, it was a lot of pain after all he'd done to help people," Driver, Thomas Elliott said.

While it dredges up a painful past, the billboards are simply an ad for a book about James Earl Ray, the man long believed to be the sole assassin.

"Truth at Last" was written by Ray's brother and it alleges there was a carefully crafted /*CIA*/ conspiracy.

The conspiracy theory is debatable and some drivers say so is the issue of race relations.

"Everybody has their own opinions, I don't see how it's hurting anything," Driver, Fred Fabean said. "Black and white, we still got to get along in this world."

While the billboards are definitely an attention grabber, Eyewitness News has been told they are not violating any rules.

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