Raleigh elementary wins thousands for playground


After receiving a check from a BCBS-NC representative, Stormy, the Hurricanes mascot paid the students a visit. The school took the grand prize.

"We won the 5 thousand dollars!" said 3rd grade teacher Magara Boisvert.

Student Martha Alford drew one of the winning pictures. Alford says her message simple. "I was trying to make people understand that it's really important to stay healthy and you need to exercise and eat well," said Alford.

Student Will Baldwin created the other winning poster. "If you eat right, then, you'll have the ability to do more stuff," said Baldwin.

The 'Eat and Move' Campaign was launched in 2007 to promote a healthy lifestyle after North Carolina ranked 5th highest in the country for overweight youths ages 10-17.

The winning posters were chosen among dozens "This initiative was all across the state for all 3rd graders in North Carolina," said Stacey Mark, representative for BCBS-NC.

Boisvert said the idea to make the posters came while students were learning about the human body. "I was proud of them," said Boisvert. "They did a great job, and, I was excited they won this contest."

The five thousand dollar prize money is going to go towards new playground equipment at Fred Old's Elementary.

"We're hopefully getting a climbing apparatus to add to our playground," said Boisvert. "So they can run around and do some more things. Also a big bin full of just regular equipment with jump ropes, and play ground balls, frisbees. Things they can do at recess so they're staying active."

Keeping moving and staying healthy-that was the lesson. And, thanks to two students winning posters it's a lesson others at Fred Old's Elementary will keep learning for years to come.

For more information on the Eat and Move Campaign visit their website at www.eatandmove.com .

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