Fire displaces Durham residents


Women who live in the building said they had to jump over a fence to escape the thick, black smoke.

"I heard the lady across hall yell to lady next door, hurry and get out of your room," Fire victim, Bronwyn Evans said. "I turned around to my left and there was just black smoke rolling next to me and I came down the hall."

Smoke filled nearly all 60 units, keeping Fay Riley from preparing for work.

"My clothes, my uniform and everything's in there so I don't know when I'll be able to get in, I'll lose a night of work," Riley said.

The building is for women in need, most are struggling financially some physically --even needing oxygen causing another concern as the one unit burned.

It appears it might've started from some incense that caught clothing on fire and spread to the bed," Battalion Chief Willie Hall said.

The blaze started around 8 p.m. Two people were treated for smoke ventilation.

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