Family fighting insurance company

RALEIGH The Graham's had content and structural coverage with Allstate. But they had problems right away with the content part. Toni says, "The content adjustor refused to give any money for the things that were in the home." Even though the Graham's have $101,000 worth of content coverage. Allstate did pay out a little more than $53,000, but more than $30,000 of that went to a cleaning and storage service the Graham's say Allstate hired. Toni adds, "We had no idea this was going on."

And when they tried to get their stuff out of cleaning and storage, Toni says some of it was missing. She has pictures of furniture, family heirlooms, and clothing they say disappeared. Their structural coverage didn't go well either. The contractor took a big chunk of the insurance payout. But didn't finish the job, leaving the house a mess. Toni says, "He made off with $126,000 but only thing really did was about $40,000 thousand dollars worth of work." Toni cites structural problems, electrical problems, bathrooms with no fixtures and just look at the kitchen! Not even close to being done. Toni says her Allstate adjustor sent checks directly to that contractor, without their approval, even after they fired him. Toni says, "It has been a nightmare, you know how the commercials say you're in good hands with Allstate, we have to beg to differ."

So, after 3 long Christmases away from their home, Toni turned to Troubleshooter Diane Wilson. She tells Diane, "I said mom I think I have the answer to our problem. I e-mailed Diane Wilson from Channel 11 and you e-mailed me back in less than an hour." Troubleshooter Diane Wilson made a couple of calls to Allstate and their luck started changing. Toni adds, "They want to try and make the Graham family whole again." Allstate met with the Graham's, and took care of them. Their home is looking good and they even have a brand new kitchen with new cabinets, counter tops and appliances. Toni adds, "The family is glad my mom's kitchen is back and everyone can come over and get a home cooked meal." And the Graham's can have a real family Christmas again. Toni tells Troubleshooter Diane Wilson, "It's been 2 ½ years so if it wasn't for Troubleshooter we'd still be battling this thing out. I want to say thank you so much because you put the fire under the insurance company.

Allstate provided ABC 11 with this statement. "Allstate takes all customer complaints seriously. We are reviewing this matter, and although we cannot discuss it with a third party, following our review we'll be happy to address each of these concerns with the Grahams personally to help them fully understand our process and the actions taken. It is always our goal to honor our commitment to our customers. During our review, if we discover that any adjustments are in order, we'll speak with the Graham's about a resolution that honors the obligation of our contract with them."

The Graham's they're glad it's over and are ready to enjoy their new home.

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