Former president continues campaigning for wife


She just received an endorsement from /*Governor Mike Easley*/ and now her husband hopes she can pull an upset on May 6.

"You need a president who can make things happen," former President Clinton said. "She is the best change maker I have ever known."

/*Clinton*/ did all he could to convince voters his wife is the woman for the /*White House*/.

"All her life she's been able to look at a problem and say, 'What can we do to change other people's lives? How do we do it?' You need that in a president," Clinton said.

The former president spoke to a group in Apex -- his first stop Wednesday before heading to Sanford and the surrounding area.

"I don't think there's a chance that he could have swayed me to vote for /*Hillary Clinton*/ over Obama," Obama supporter Steva McNulty said.

McNulty considers herself a Bill Clinton enthusiast but has her sights set on Obama.

"That's really what I'm looking for here," McNulty said. "I'm kind of looking back to get my belief back in the Clintons so to speak, but I think I'm a pretty strong Obama fan."

"She would be the best one for president when it comes to change," Clinton supporter Peyton Clark said.

Clinton supporters cheered over her plans for the economy and troop withdrawals in Iraq.

"We need to get back as a world leader and she's got the rolodex already," supporter Peyton Clark said. "I know that Senator Clinton learned a lot from him [Bill Clinton]. She knows a lot," supporter Inez Bullock said.

An exclusive /*Eyewitness News*/ flash poll shows rival Senator Barack Obama leading in the N.C. polls. But the margin is slim and with Obama fighting bad press from his former pastor, some think May 6 could bring a big surprise.

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