Wife turns in alleged bigamist husband

Cary Police believe the man is married to at least two women -- possibly three. And until now, none of them knew anything about the other woman.

He's facing bigamy charges and one of his wives is telling her story to /*Eyewitness News*/.

/*Dawn Stone*/ was pumping gas a few months ago at a convenience store in her home state of Virginia when she crossed paths with /*Keron Wilkins*/ from Cary.

She says he was a charmer and the two began long distance dating shortly after meeting.

"He was like, you know, 'I'm gonna marry you,'" Dawn said. "And I was like, 'Really?' He was like, 'Yeah. I feel like I'm gonna marry you.' And I said 'Well, nah, we need to give it some time.'"

The couple married after two months.

In March, Stone became Dawn Stone-Wilkins. She and her new husband lived in a /*Cary*/ apartment.

She says she continued her modeling career and began working for the state. But soon Wilkins started going missing for days at a time.

"I was talking with some of my friends and said, you know, 'It sounds like he's living a double life,'" Dawn said. "And I said, 'Naw. You think so?'"

Dawn says she was aware that her new husband had a daughter by another woman, but she wanted to know more and started snooping.

Then last month a woman called in the middle of the night.

"She said, 'This is Shaka,'" Dawn explained. "I said, 'OK this is Keron's daughter's mother.' She said, 'No. This is Keron's wife.'"

Dawn was shocked, but there was more.

"She said, um, 'He did this before with a girl named Jenean,'" Dawn said. "'He married her and he tells me he's divorced from her.'"

Dawn then asked Shaka if that was the same Jenean whose name is tattooed on Wilkins' chest. Thursday Wilkin's sent Eyewitness News pictures of Keron's third wife, Jenean Baker of Atlanta.

Dawn called Cary Police and 30-year-old Keron Wilkins ended up behind bars.

Investigators are looking for a reason, but Dawn said Wilkins' mother told her his motive.

"He looks for women that are educated, financially stable, or who have the potential to obtain jobs that make decent money that can secure him," Dawn said.

Police say Wilkins could have as many as seven wives. Stone-Wilkins says her husband could have other wives in Virginia and one in Arizona.

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